Tamper Evident Polycarbonate Meter Security Seals

Single Use Double Anchor Security Seal That Provides Highest Protection To Utility Meters
  • Most Effective Double Anchor Polycarbonate Locking System
  • Hi-Rise Moulded Logo Resist Replacement With Fake Seal
  • Pull Resistant 2-Strand Spiraled Steel Wire
  • Transparent Body Provides Clear Signs of Tampering
  • Tool Less Application
  • Resistant To Boiling Water
Seal Body

One piece injection moulded seal body and anchor are made of impact resistant, transparent polycarbonate which are impervious to temperature oscillations. High relief embossed customers' identification logo incorporated in moulding stage itself prevents duplication and use of fake seal in the system.

Sealing Wire

Corrosion resistant Stainless steel sealing wire is permanently integrated on both seal body and anchor part and cannot be separated in any circumstances.

Locking Mechanism

Easy push-fit double anchor locking mechanism provides positive, secured and permanent locking

Designed For Single Use

Once locked the seal cannot be opened without tamper indications and when removed, it cannot be resealed.


100 nos seals packed in one polybag. One Carton containing 10 x polybags totaling 1000 seals in one box.


Available in transparent clear, transparent red, transparent blue, transparent green, transparent yellow, transparent brown, transparent orange, transparent gray.

Logo / Identification Code

High relief embossed customers' identification logo and/or codes are provided which are permanent and cannot be manipulated.

Serial Numbering

7 digit highly visible thermo engraved numeric or alpha-numeric consecutive serial numbers provided on each seal. The positioning and engraving enables easy reading, recording and verification of serial numbers.

  • No tool required for sealing
  • Visible double anchor locking mechanism remain secured and protected and clear indication of tampering
  • Any breakage or removal leaves traces visible to the naked eye
  • Designed for single use and once removed cannot be re-used.
  • The identification marks of seals impossible to falsify and difficult to reproduce.
  • Environment friendly, contains no lead
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor application
  • Most effective tamper evident sealing device
  • Seal can be easily checked and recognised
  • Resistant to accidental breakage
  • Resistant to long term direct sunlight or rain water exposure
  • Withstand High temperature
  • No scope of tampering by boiling water, excessive heat application or any solvents/ chemicals
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Available in variety of see - through transparent colours
  • Utility Meters - electric, gas, water/taxi meters
  • Meter boxes
  • Bulk tankers
  • Oil Tanker
  • Customs seals
  • Transformers and Distribution Boxes
  • Valves in petrochemical industry